22 November 2011

Tis' the Season..

For leaf removal.  This is the bulk of my work these days.  It's a catch as catch can business as the growing season wraps around the St. Louis area.  This is a common place for me right now.....knee deep in leaves and no end in sight.  It won't be long before I am one of the few praying for snow....


  1. I've even noticed a few leaves falling here in the desert but, nothing like this. Tis the season of the rake!

  2. I have 4 huge Sycamore trees along my driveway. Guess where there leaves are now. Where are you? Is your motto "Have Rake will Travel"/ MB

  3. Haha.. I wish I could. I am dizzy with leaves here in St. Louis. If I could complain about one thing this year, it would be...

    The rain seems to happen early in the week, then the wind kicks in for midweek. This gives me about two days of work if I don't want to chew into my weekends....which have had perfect weather. The timing this year has been really weird.