01 November 2011

Kids of the Parade..

The World Series Parade was a spectacular event!  Lots of fun.  I took my kids down to see it along with another good friend's kids, too.  My plan is to run series of photos since individual shots would likely get us past Thanksgiving or even Christmas, and we would all tire of the event by the time spring training rolled back around in a short 107 days or so.

First, I introduce the Kids of the Parade...

These guys are ours.  My oldest daughter and my youngest son (somewhere under the blanket) suffered through the initial wait in gale force winds.  The wind gusts had to hit 40mph between the buildings in some spots.  We found a calmer spot where it wasn't quite as cold.  Temps were in the upper 50's...hardly blanket weather without the wind or a little sunshine.

I wish I could spell that annoying instrument the World Cup made so popular last year in South Africa...the voo-voo-zayla...to spell phonetically.  People were blowing them all over the city...even this little guy.

Of course, vendors were selling all sorts of things.  Perhaps you would like a red and white mohawk?

The Rally Squirrel went "viral" in the city during the epic run our Cardinals made.  It had little to do with Halloween that this kid wore a squirrel outfit.  That I can promise you.  I am afraid the Cardinals will have a second mascot next year until the fad officially gets shot by Hunter Time.

My kids again, and their friends, holding signage for the players to hopefully see as they passed.  (Actually, it kept them occupied while we waited 2+ hours for the parade to begin.)  I think they did a good job, though.

Don't wave to me.  Wave at the players. 

This kid made my heart flutter as he held dad's camera while riding on his shoulders.  A budding photog.  Who knows, maybe a Sports Illustrated man someday.

People watching during an event like this is absolutely priceless.  There's your hint for some coming posts.

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