19 November 2011

Scouting for Food Drive...

Believe it or not, today was a very light day in terms of what we gathered.  Could be the economy.  Could be that the year is sliding away quickly.  Who knows.  But, I still think it was a lot of food....and to a great cause.

Bags of donated food dropped off.

From bags to boxes to storage.

All the kids worked so hard.  It's great to see them learning to take care of others before themselves.


  1. Good for them. It looks like a pretty big haul from the way you framed the pix.

    May I make a couple of constructive comments? I like your stuff and I'd like to see it get more attention. STL needs more representation on CDP.

    Larger size photos on blogs draw people in more. The smaller size you are using can make it hard to visually identify the subject at a glance. Try 640 or 864 pixels on the long side and see how it looks. Also, comment moderation is a turn-off for most visitors. In 4.5 years of SLDP I've almost never had a comment I had to delete. Since I turned off word verification I get some spam comments on old posts almost every day but there hasn't been a single one Blogger's spam filter didn't catch. Making these changes might draw more visitors and comments to your blog.

  2. Thank you, Bob. I will make the changes I know how to make. I have been struggling with putting the largest photo I can on the blog. I hate the smaller sizes, too. That one I may need to be told what to do in a little more detail, as I'm pretty computer illiterate. And, I'll adjust the comment moderation. I agree 100%.

  3. Anything is better than nothing in these tight times. It's good to see that people are still giving, even if slightly less. :)