15 November 2011

The Cleveland Gatehouse..

This secluded house within Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, Missouri is located near Henry Shaw's "Tower Grove House" and his research library.  The structure was named the Cleveland Gatehouse.

Gatehouses used to be heavily depended upon structures used to strategically defend castles in medieval times. Often they were used in conjunction with drawbridges and murder holes.  However, once technologically less important, they became symbols of opulence and were used to house other things of less importance.  In this case, the Cleveland Gatehouse was built for the groundskeeper as a home.  It was also the last building Henry Shaw commissioned before his death.  Ironically, Shaw's will stipulated that the groundskeepers live in his home, Tower Grove House, after he passed.  So, only a few, if only one, groundskeepers actually resided here.

I haven't been able to find much detail on this building, or it's purpose, and it currently remains closed to the public.  However, if you look closely when visiting the gardens, you may agree with me that it is one of the more underrated beauties in terms of it's architectural detail.  The house was built in 1895 and has combined Gothic revival details combined with extensive shingles used in a pleasing harmony.


  1. This is a charming stone building. It reminds me of a house at the entrance of Cedar Hill Cemetery in Hartford.