03 November 2011

Farwell to a Legend and Hello to Eleven..

You'll have to forgive my tilted horizon in the first one.  I meant to straighten it out in a software program, but realized I never will.  I know it's tilting right, but I don't care that much about it.  However, these photos are of our World Series Parade again.  

Tony LaRussa, who retired yesterday, waves to the fans as he gets the golden chair.....in the wagon pulled by the world famous clydesdales.  I wonder how the dalmation felt about Tony taking his usual seat?  Tony is the 3rd most winning manager in baseball history, and the winningest of the historic Cardinal franchise.  That alone says a lot.  He is a very polarizing personality in St. Louis, either you love him or hate him.  No matter which side of the fence you sit on, you have to respect the number of wins he put up over a career.  He certainly does a better job than I could do.

Kind of a strange shot here, but it was in focus.  I thought the World Series ring was a standout feature.  This is either the '06 ring or the one from Oakland.  Yes, LaRussa has 3 of them now, another major achievement no matter how you feel about him.  Farewell, Tony, I don't know who will replace you, but I don't think we will see another era like this for a long time.....16 years, I don't remember how many playoff appearances, 4 World Series appearances, 3 Championships.  That's crazy good!

The cloudy, windy day and the moving targets made shooting on slower shutter speeds more difficult than I'm used to.  I didn't have much time to get creative with the shots.  I just snapped off as many as I could and took what was in focus.

Now, to focus on the future/present.  Here's the owner, Bill DeWitt, with the World Series Trophy.

If you look closely, you will see DeWitt holding up both index fingers.  He is signaling to the crowd that this trophy is number eleven in franchise history.  The saying going around town during the playoff run was that we were a team of destiny this year......their 11th Championship in 2011.

Now, this shot was cool.  He lifted the trophy above his head for the cheering fans.  However, I really like the backdrop of fall trees.  To me, that is what makes the shot special.  The Fall Classic truly realized here.

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