18 August 2012

Rivers Collide

Two of North America's largest rivers dance and merge just north of St. Louis, Missouri.  The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers are responsible for draining around 2/3 of the water that falls on the continental United States.  This very specific point, which can easily be identified on any map is just north of St. Louis and the subject of today's family field trip.

My oldest daughter when down to the very tip of the land to put her right hand in the Missouri River and her left hand in the Mississippi River.  I told her she can one day stump her children by asking them where on the map can she put both hands in both rivers at the same time?  I remember a similar question my father asked me when he told me he jumped across the Mississippi River.  Of course, looking at the river in St. Louis at the time, I thought he was pulling my leg.  Later, he told me he was fishing in Minnesota at the headwaters.  My daughter will likely have similar fun someday.

One last shot of the river markers and medallion marking the joining of the two mighty rivers.