01 December 2011

From the beginning..

Here is a shot of Chain of Rocks, again, but from Route 66's entry point into Missouri.  The Route 66 sign lies exactly on the state line between Illinois and Missouri.  My kids and I...and the dog....went up one evening when mom had to work late.  Not an artsy photo, just a quick snap...eyes closed and all...lol.  It was getting dark, as you can see, and this isn't the best area of the city to be running around after night falls.


  1. You can find a lot that are more dangerous but I agree, I wouldn't want to hang out there at night. They would never find your remains.

  2. Great family "travel" photo! This type of photo ought to make it into everyone's album. You know that in the the years to come the kids will get a kick out of this one way more than any perfectly lit and gorgeously posed shot. And what I want to know is, "WHAT is the dog doing?"

  3. She looks camera shy, but my guess is she was trying to get her Halti (looks like a muzzle but keeps them from pulling) off. She doesn't care for it much...lol.