02 December 2011

Sunset on The Mother Road

Staying with the Route 66 theme I suddenly found myself immersed in, here is a picture of last night's sunset as I was driving home from a Cub Scout meeting.

Known in my neighborhood as Watson Road, this was once the main drag of Route 66 as it left the city of St. Louis.  There are still a few motels standing, but most things from that era have been demolished and turned into strip malls, big box stores, urgent care centers, and other forms of "progress" that you can find in any decent sized, sterile city.  I miss the days when towns had personalities....


  1. What gorgeous colors in the sky! I love that you are sitting in the middle of the road. - Yeah, we want to travel Route 66 one day and search out anything old that may be left. Sad that everything is so homogenous now.

  2. I'm old enough to remember the tv series Route 66 and I was thrilled when I realized that my summer of '61 vacation trip with my family would take us along a portion of that famous highway. Thanks for visiting my site. Augusta in April is lovely, even with the throngs of golf fans.

  3. This is gorgeous! Love that sky!!!