22 December 2011

Winter's coming..

Well, there's no snow yet.  But, I thought I'd start getting in the winter mood by posting a couple of wintry photos.


  1. Thanks, Sharon. I think this one is headed for the wall somewhere. LOL....I call some of these my "gallery shots."

  2. That's a great shot! Makes me shiver!!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  3. Sweet gum balls! I love those little guys, grew up from the time I was 10 with one in the back yard. Fun to decorate with glue and glitter. My Daddy glued some together to make a little dog. Never saw any hanging with snow on them, though, 'cause we were in Jackson, Mississippi. It snowed when I was in the 6th grad and in the 9th grade, but the tree limbs were way too tall for me to get a good look, even if I had thought about going out there to inspect the tree. I was more interested in playing in the front yard with neighbor kids.