19 December 2011

Monday Mystery...

Where in St. Louis am I?

This week should be a pretty easy one.  But, I'm also looking for the event which takes me to this monument every year.  It's fairly unique to St. Louis, although other cities do the same types of things throughout their years, too.

Last week's Monday Mystery was indeed taken at Crown Candy Kitchen in the Old North Neighborhood of St. Louis.  If you've ever seen Man vs. Food on the Discovery Channel, you may have seen the episode where Adam (the show's host) tries to take on the milkshake challenge.  I think he had to finish 6 malts in a certain time period. (If anyone knows the exact challenge, feel free to put it in the comments.)  Of course, it's one of the few challenges he couldn't complete.  This place is known for it's rich malts, candy store, old fashioned fountain sodas, and BLTs....great sandwiches.  Easy enough to google if you are in the St. Louis area.   But, one word of due diligence, weekdays during the day are best....night is not recommended because of the neighborhood.  The daytime is filled with business lunches and plenty of people roaming the street corner.  Here are a couple more shots from Crown Candy Kitchen.

Waiting outside with my mother, wife, and kids.

Store window around the corner from the front door.  It's definitely a St. Louis landmark.

Happy Monday!


  1. It looks like the air show over the river and the St. Louis Arch. I worked in St. Louis for two years on a project at the (then) Mecantile Bank. They housed the project team in the Mansion House and my apartment faced south with a full view of the arch. I remember the first air show I saw there. On the Friday before the show, the jets were practicing thier fly bys and the noise nearly threw me out of bed. Fun times!

  2. That's way cool. The location is obvious to locals but what's the event - the Fourth of July air show? I last saw one of the stealth bombers do a flyover during the All Star Game last year.