09 December 2011

Jail Time?

My youngest's Cub Scout pack toured a police station last week as part of a GoSeeIt requirement.  If you could have heard the questions they asked, you would quickly understand why little boys love the game Cops and Robbers.  They came up with every scenario possible to throw a guy in the slammer.

Here, Sgt. LeClerc (also one of the boy's father) shows the scouts who is on duty today and which car they are going to be driving.

This is how a police car works.  Lights on, siren going, and boys just getting past being startled by the sound.  You can't see them, but a bit of a warning to you.....police cars in the U.S. are starting to put cameras around the light bar that scan cars as they drive by.  These cameras can quickly read your license plate, enter you in the computer, and run your background....as the officer drives down the road.  Good luck with expired plates or a hidden warrant!

What do you do when the boys start to act up?  You give them "the lockdown" treatment.  As officer LeClerc shows them the key, they start to throw themselves at the mercy of the police.  My own son came out screaming....."free at last!"  The boys were in there for no more than 2 minutes....lol.

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