23 December 2011

Santa's Getting Ready..

A little last minute relaxing before the big night of work.

My favorite part is the smoke/steam.  This actually took a bit of work to get the smoke to show up correctly.

Tomorrow, and over Christmas, I plan to take a break.....like I've been regular lately anyway.  I travel to see family, and with small kids, the holiday can get nutso pretty fast.  I plan to make a few bigger posts showing you some of the best places to see Christmas lights around St. Louis.  Not the "popular" spots where you have to pay by the car....you can find those on your own.  I'm talking about the more intimate spots you find while driving around.  Look for those, intermittently, in the coming days.


  1. I love Christmas lights...so I'm really looking forward to the upcoming posts! Enjoy your holiday festivities!

  2. I would like to join this Santa with his steaming cuppa, but still have some shopping to do. Enjoy your break and have a happy Christmas!