05 December 2011

Monday Mystery

Where in St. Louis am I?

Last week's Monday Mystery is indeed the Colossus ferris wheel at Six Flags over Mid-America.  About 20 minutes west of downtown St. Louis on Interstate 44, Colossus stands 18 stories high (~180 feet).  It is currently the tallest ferris wheel in any amusement park.  At night, Colossus puts on a light show with over 2200 lights and can easily be seen by drivers on the old Route 66 (I-44) as they pass.  On a clear day, a rider at the top of Colossus can see 20 miles of Ozark skyline, a ride well worth the visit.


  1. Having never been to your beautiful city, I would not have a clue. However, should I ever get there I promise I will find the spot. That is just gorgeous!

  2. thanks for dropping in at the lakewood daily snap. you have a great photoblog of your fair city!

    i've been to st louis, but since i'm not a resident or regular haven't a clue, but i love this theme of monday mystery!

    i'm fond of alliterative prompts - hence on the snap i have "tag tuesday" where i post vanity plates i see around town and on wednesday it's "wordless wednesday" - so i don't have to think of anything to WRITE. i also have a more personal blog (mouse medicine) and on tuesday it's "tattoo tuesday" and wednesday is "wall wednesday"

    is mystery monday a choppography creation? and if so, is it cool if i borrow it to use periodically on mondays for the snap???

  3. By all means, use it. I don't recall seeing it anywhere else, so I suppose I can claim it as my creation.

    I am thinking the most important part of it is to use no tags, no location, nothing until the next Monday when you link back to it from within your blog. My guess is it gets people coming back and clicking through your blog to find stuff you are teasing throughout. I'm not great at it yet, but I'm getting there.

  4. I'm going to take a guess that this is in the park where the 1904 World's Fair was, and where the zoo is. I haven't been to St. Louis in years and can't remember the name of the park! I'll check back next week to see if I was close.

  5. You're at the fake ruins near the west side of Tower Grove Park, of course. It's a nice place to shoot when it's not overrun by wedding parties getting their picture taken.

  6. I actually need a shot of all the wedding parties trying to find space on them some June weekend. Talk about a picture that captures the pulse of a city!