18 October 2011

We Walk for Autism..

My middle son has autism, and each year we walk at the Forest Park fundraising event for Autism Speaks.  This crowd grows every year.  Just look at all the people...and we were in the middle, not the back.

This is our group.  It, also, grows by the year.  We combined with another family this year.  The two boys on the spectrum are in the front and on the right.  My boy is the second from the right.  We had a great time this year.  The weather was perfect and the kids had fun.


  1. Charity walks like this are great. I hope your son is benefitting from the research.

    Congrats to the Cardinals. And, good luck to them in the series, now that they will not be playing my Red Sox.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes, Jack. But, we haven't completely forgotten '01 (Patriots) or '04's sweep by your Red Sox yet. ;)