21 October 2011

The Ottomans Represented..

Back to Missouri Botanical Gardens for a bit.  This Ottoman Garden was pretty neat.  Central water feature, throne area in the back under the pergola/arbor, and lots of great plantings surrounding the walkways.

This is an interestingly simple garden for St. Louis to pull off because our latitude is almost the same with Turkey (40 degrees north).  The garden is modeled after 16th to 19th century Turkish gardens.  This Ottoman Garden is the first of it's kind anywhere in the United States.

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  1. Hi -- I don't see an email contact for you -- so will have to leave comment. Was wondering if I might be able to use the picture on this post in a book that I am writing about garden design styles. I would of course credit you. Can you email me at rochellegreayer@gmail.com if that is ok? Thanks - Rochelle