02 October 2011

Detailed Architecture in Compton Heights

This will likely wrap up our brief dip into Compton Heights Neighborhood for awhile.  But, since you've seen some of the pretty houses, I wanted you to also notice the attention to detail 100 years ago...so different from the pre-fabbed homes we live in today.  It bothers me that so many neighborhoods are so sterile and void of any personality; neighborhoods in which the only difference is the color of paint the owner slaps on the siding.  Compton Heights is very much the opposite of today's boring homes.

This Hawthorne house was likely built only a couple of years past the turn of the 20th century.  The window and eave details blew my mind.

Here is a closer view of the detailed architecture.  Below is a house designed by William H. Gruen in 1908.

Look at the balusters around the front entryway and the plaquards above the front door.  Even the concrete trim surrounding the windows and edges of the house aren't done these days.

This last house was designed in 1903 by Ernst Janssen at 3263 Hawthorne.  You may notice the German in the architects' names.  Most of the architects, contractors, and original residents were first or second-generation German-Americans.  Janssen, himself, designed over fourteen homes in The Heights neighborhood.

Thanks for sharing this tour of Compton Heights with me.  It was fun to discover. 

Tomorrow, we dive into another "Mystery Monday."  Where will I be?


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  1. What wonderful architectural details!