26 October 2011

Near Peak in the STL..

The leaves are turning now.  To me, this is really, really close to what I call "peak" color change.  I like vibrant colors, but there are two sides.  One is when most of the unchanged leaves are still green.  The other is when the unchanged leaves are on the ground.  I don't like bare trees at all.  So, I try and time the peak color change more towards what you see here....the leaves that haven't changed are still on the trees.

This view, surprisingly, is looking north along Hwy 141.  The overpass in the distance is Hwy 30 (Gravois).  I had just passed Gravois Bluffs shopping center and this ridge of trees caught my eye at a red light.  I shot this through the windshield.  Sometimes it's good to be the first one in line.

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  1. Interesting shot and a different point of view for fall foilage.