04 October 2011

Let's Take a Walk..

Let's meander around the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, MO, shall we?  I ran out there last week.  I try and get out there once per season to see all the beautiful plants evolve through the seasons.

For today, let me give you the view from atop the observatory near Tower Grove House..

Henry Shaw lived in this "country home" on the left as he built his gardens.  The building on the right is the research library.  You can also see the Victorian Garden between the house and library.  The garden was opened to the public in 1859 at no charge.  Several years later, Shaw had this observatory built for the public to offer a better view of the land.  Apparetly, Shaw grew tired of the patrons' requests to climb the tower in HIS house to view the gardens from several stories up.  Can't say I blame him, either.


  1. I know right where you are... I love Missouri Botanical Gardens... I'll be up there next weekend or the weekend after for my Autumn visit...

  2. Thank you both for commenting. Tricia, I hope you get the same beautiful weather on your visit. We are on some kind of run up here. The early and late day shooting is just amazing right now.


  3. I don't blame him either. I am a late convert to the heavily trimmed garden. I could not own one myself, but now am finally - after all these years - able to appreciate the effort AND the results. Nice looking gardens.