25 October 2011

Temperate Courtyard

I definitely need to get out and shoot again soon.  Been swamped with work as leaves begin to fall.

The Temperate House is located just behind The Climatron.  I had never been inside before, but it's definitely worth a look.  This newer house replaced the old 1913 built Mediterranean House, which gives away the purpose of the indoor facility.  Pictured is the central courtyard.  Another dominating feature inside is the old portico of St. Leo's churh/school in St. Louis.  The portico was designed by George I. Barnett, a local 19th century architect.  Barnett also designed several other buildings for Henry Shaw's gardens. 

This area of Missouri Botanical Gardens is climate controlled to mimic the environments of the Mediterranean, Southern California, Central Chile, etc, around the world.  Cool, moist winters and warm, dry summers are the main weather features of these areas of the world.  Temperatures rarely drop below 40 degrees, and rarely rise above 90 degrees.  Heck, I ought to move in and set up camp.  Can't go wrong with that kind of weather, huh?


  1. What a beautiful place! I wish that it was near me! That would be perfect to photograph engagement and bridal portraits!

  2. I never thought about that, but you are so right. I wonder if MoBot lets wedding parties in? I bet you don't even have to ask for engagement photos using natural lighting.

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  4. Who designed and built the Moorish Garden (fountain area)? Was it part of the 1913 Mediterranean House?