23 September 2011

More views of Castlewood State Park

Hiking The River Scene Trail in Castlewood State Park.  River Scene Trail is a very scenic trail providing some of the best views in all of St. Louis County.  It is about 3 miles long and also passes ruins from former rental lodges, as the park was a former resort area in the 1920s and 1930s.  This view is the first of the hike, looking southeast (downstream) into the Lower Meremac River Valley.  Again, you can see the steam rising from the forest in pockets of fog.

The Letterboxing crew.  Katelyn (my daughter, 10) with her friend Jack, also 10.  Those daring little letterboxers weren't afraid of the edge of the cliff at all.  More on the hobby of letterboxing over the weekend.

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