30 September 2011

Historic Compton Heights (est. 1889)

Located in the shadow of the Compton Water Tower off of South Grand Boulevard in St. Louis, Missouri is one of the earliest residential developments of the 19th Century.  By 1875, many of the city's most successful capitalists had moved their families west of downtown.  Opposed to the rectangular gridwork so common in the past, and still today, are a couple of meandering streets making up the Compton Heights Neighborhood.  Planned in 1889 and opened for development in 1890, this neighborhood is home to more than 200 uniquely designed homes.  Many are still in great shape due to the dedication of their owners and the designation as a historical district. 

Above, 3522 Hawthorne (on right) unknown designer in 1894.  More about the neighborhood in tomorrow's post.



  1. These are really beautiful buildings. I love that old red brick!

  2. What a wonderful photo of a rather unsung hero/neighborhood in STL. In putting together a brief pictoral overview of St. Louis for the Urban Land Institute (a nonprofit focused on responsible land use), I'm curious to know if you would let us use this photo to show off one of our city's more spectacular neighborhoods. Please feel free to contact me at stlouis@uli.org. Thank you!

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