22 September 2011

Castlewood State Park overlooking the Meremac River

Took my daughter on her first hike last weekend in Castlewood State Park.  We were on a scavenger hunt, of sorts, called letterboxing (click link for explanation).  On the way to the letterbox, we passed some fabulous overlooks.

Granted, it was a rainy day, but the vistas were spectacular!  We are about 200 feet (60 meters) above the river and can see for miles in spite of the fog/mist...nary a skyscraper in sight.


  1. What a lovely view! I never heard of letterboxing before--thanks for broadening my horizons.

  2. Glad to do it, Betty. It seems perfect for my kids' ages. They are in the "scouting" phases of life and love to explore. But, I have to admit, I like the idea of letterboxing, too.

  3. Definitely a beautiful overlook! WoW!

    My photo was taken at Rocky Creek about 3 miles past Rocky Falls near Winona... It's a beautiful walk. There's Klepzig Mill along that same road, too. You could even walk Cedar Bluff that overlooks Rocky Creek.

    I'd be happy to give you directions... just let me know!

    happy week

  4. Tricia, can you imagine what that overlook will do in a good autumn year? This year will likely be poor, but just imagine.

    I plan to get down to Taum Sauk this fall to do some letterboxing in October. I may be in touch.

    Thanks for checking in.

    ps...Rocky Creek....duh. Too obvious for me, apparently.

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