24 September 2011

Letterboxing with the Kids..

Another look at my friend taking in the views from Castlewood State Park.  He and I took the kids letterboxing, and here is a little detail on the hobby...

So, here's a little explanation of our new hobby, letterboxing.  You get clues from this letterboxing site or this one in the area of the country you would like to search.  A lot of national parks, state parks, and historical sites are homes to these boxes.  Next, you go on your little "scavenger hunt" using the clues.  Once the box is found, you open it to typically find a pad of paper and a stamp inside.  You take the stamp and stamp your notebook with it.  You, then, take your stamp (that you carry with you) and stamp their book.  Now, you are both starting a collection.  You, of the places you've been.  Them, of the visitors that have found their box.  This hobby has been around for years in Europe, but has only been in North America since the late 1980s.

This hobby is perfect, in my opinion, for kids around 10 years old, hiking enthusiasts, and boy scouts.  Often times you need a compass or a fair amount of logic/reasoning skills to decode the clues.  Some can be rather cryptic in nature.  But, this letterboxing certainly gives kids of all ages a reason to go on a hike...something to reward the journey.  As I said before, my daughter and I did this with a friend last weekend, and my daughter had an absoulte blast with it.  She's hooked...already asking when we are going again.

My daughter writing a little note in the letterbox's notepad for the owner to enjoy.

And, now, finishing things off with our stamps.

Have a nice weekend!

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